Global Sign Restoration

Aftercare Instructions

Sign / Playland / Canopies / Awning

Please pass on to store level management.

To get the longest life out of your newly refinished signs, playlands, canopies or awnings, please follow these simple instructions:

Even though it may feel dry to the touch in an hour, a full cure requires 24 hrs.

Care & Cleaning:

Hand wash only! A soft RV type wash broom with a fiberglass extension pole using mild soap and water is all that is needed to clean if you maintain regularly. Be sure to rinse well and do not let soap dry on the surface.


  • Pressure washers / Steam cleaners at close range, it is possible to strip off or damage finish coat.
  • Heavy duty cleaners or degreasers, they will dull and cloud the exterior finish.
  • Thinners or solvents, they will melt the plastic.
  • Foreign coatings
  • Scuff or scrub pads, Brillo or steel wool pads, abrasive cleansers (Comet / Ajax) or scrub brushes, they will damage the finish and any clear windows.

Any questions please call: (800) 238-9916