Global Sign Restoration

Case History

Brickman Management Store #7209 reaches milestone.

Main I.D. Sign (70-200) is now 29 years old and still looking good!


Brickman Management also benefited by the fact that their older signs have been continually grandfathered in and not required to conform to stricter zoning laws and smaller signage. They are still customers today! There is no reason ever to replace your signs as long as they are structurally intact.

Elfers, FL. Back in 1993, a daring O/O named Bob Brickman, a franchisee of the biggest hamburger chain in the world took a chance on a new sign refinishing company in west central Florida. The claim was they could refinish his old faded signage to “Like New” condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement. At that time his 70-200 series road sign at store #7209 was only eight years old but looked dry and faded. Global Sign Restoration, Inc. delivered as promised making his sign look like new and saved Brickman Management over 80% in bottom line replacement costs.

That 70-200 at the Elfers location was 29+ years old (twice the expected lifespan) when it was finally replaced by the new owner. Global Sign Restoration, Inc. had refinished this sign four times (every 4 years) and brought it back every time. New signs dull and fade in 4-5 years depending on your location, as will refinished signs.

You can’'t stop the elements, but you can stop the needless replacement costs. A conservative savings estimate if the panels at this location were replaced every time they faded is approximately $70,000 at this store alone. How many stores do you own? You do the math.


GSR has saved the biggest hamburger chain in the world millions of dollars of replacement costs over the last 25 years.