Global Sign Restoration


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you work?

Our offices are based just outside Tampa, Florida, but we work all over the country.

Who does the work?

We do. You deal directly with us, our people do our work. There are no middle-men to bump up the prices. We do not use any sub-contractors. This insures that you always receive the best finished product at your locations.

Are there any weather considerations?

Yes. There is a minimum application temperature of 60 degrees and dry conditions that are a must for proper refinishing of any surface. Please take this into account when scheduling our services.

When should I schedule sign refinishing?

Global Sign Restoration should be the last to handle the sign. This eliminates the chance of the faces being scratched or damaged after our work is done. Have any re-lamping done first before you call us. Please note on a store rebuild it is best to have your signs refinished near the end of the build.


Why would our sign manufacturer tell us, “sign refinishing cannot be done.”

Their goal is to sell you new signs, what else would they say? At GSR we have been pissing off sign manufacturers for over 20 years. Our processes have never harmed any sign face. Funny thing is that our refinishing services actually ensure you get the full life out of their product and more. (see Case History and Sign Refinishing 101)


What about cleaning the inside of the sign?

We do not open your sign faces during any part of the refinishing process. When you have a re-lamp done or any other interior electrical work accomplished be sure to request having the sign panels cleaned while they have it open as this is frequently overlooked.

How long does it take to do a location?

In most cases less than one (1) day.

How long will it last?

Every location is different. Geographic location and climate are the major factors.

  • Average extended life for hard face signs is approximately 4 years.
  • Average extended life for soft (flex) face signs is 3 years.
  • Average extended life for playground equipment is 3 years.

Can it be done again?

Yes, as long as the refinished item is structurally intact.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes we do. If you need advice on your next re-imaging project, contact us. We can make recommendations to help save you money even if it is not with us.

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