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Cleaning Tips

Outdoor Signs: If you can reach them, use a fiberglass extension pole with a soft bristle (RV type) wash head with mild soap and water only. Sometimes a simple wash will do wonders. Be watchful of any overhead power lines. DO NOT USE any abrasives including cleanser or scrub pads, as sign faces scratch easily. Also do not use solvents, thinners, or caustic cleaners, they can melt the plastic. Do your best to keep bird droppings off the sign faces, it will eat into it if left on for a long time.

Outdoor Playlands and Awnings:Hand wash only! DO NOT PRESSURE CLEAN. Use the same extension pole with the soft bristle (RV type) wash head on it. Use mild soap and water with a regular spray nozzle to rinse. Again, you will be surprised how a simple wash will keep the plastic or vinyl nice. Use foam paint brushes to clean in between window edges where it overlaps the plastic on playlands.

Indoor Playlands:  Use a damp towel to wipe them down. Any exterior dirt is usually light dust build up. If you wish to polish it up, we recommend Meguire’s # 7 plastic polish usually available at auto parts stores.

Exterior Painting Tips
Sign Poles & Cans:

Use oil-based enamel on these metal surfaces. DO NOT USE latex paint (house paint) on metal surfaces, most will peel in a few months. Be sure to scrape off any loose flakes and sand off any rust (as much as possible) before painting. Also, keep a rag handy for drips, a neat look makes all the difference. 

General observations from over 25 years in the field:
Pressure Cleaners are good for stripping and blasting, but not for washing signs, awnings, and playlands. See examples below of what pressure cleaners do over time. Damage is exaggerated from repeated applications of silicone wipe on products that accumulate where the plastic has been pitted.

Silicone type protectants are great for tires and dashboards, but not for signs and playlands. Just like your tires, they look good for a day or two then it’s gone. These products actually act like a dirt magnet turning everything black and oily. If you wax anything, get all the residue off or it will turn white. Remember, this doesn’t last either.


See examples of damage below:

Photo Pressure Washing Damage
Photo Silicone Product Damage