Global Sign Restoration

Playground Refinishing

Is Your Playground Dull And Lifeless?

For playground equipment that has just begun to show signs of age (5 yrs. +). Segments are cleaned and prepped on-site without taking the equipment apart. Then ImageGuard UV®is applied containing color enhancers and UV inhibitors to make your playground look like new. See-through visibility is restored to porthole windows.

Old Playground Facts:

  1. Old playgrounds look unhealthy
  2. Old playgrounds look unsafe
  3. Old playgrounds do not generate revenue
  4. You don’t want to pay for a new playground

Kids See: Bright, Shiny & New!
Parents See: Clean, Healthy & Safe!
YOU See: Traffic, Revenue & Profits!.

3 Year No Fade Guarantee!

GSR guarantees that your playland will not noticeably fade for a period of three (3) years from the date of refinishing or we will refinish them again at no cost to you.

This guarantee excludes physical damage, including that caused by vandalism, acts of nature, or the use of solvents, foreign coatings, pressure cleaners or abrasives on surfaces.

Guarantee limited to refinishing services only.