Global Sign Restoration

Sign Refinishing 101

Things You Should Know

recycleSign Facts:

  • The structural life of most signs today is 10-12 years.
  • All signs begin to show signs of surface breakdown at 4-5 years. Whether it is new or previously refinished, the effects of the sun, climate, and pollution take a toll.
  • Sign manufacturers only warranty new signs for the first year.
  • Global Sign Restoration gives you a 3 Year No-Fade Guarantee on all sign refinishing in writing on your invoice.
  • Global Sign Restoration has saved companies millions in replacements costs since 1993.
  • There is no reason to ever replace any sign as long as it is structurally intact.

All coatings and cleaners used by Global Sign Restoration:

  • Cleaners are biodegradable and environmentally safe.
  • Refinish coatings are VOC compliant and meet the strict standards set by California EPA .
  • Coatings are permanent applications that will not wash off. (Not a wipe-on product)
  • Contain UV inhibitors to resist fading.
  • Flexible, expands with the sign face.
  • Resists mildew and protects against bird droppings.

How long will GSR's coatings last?

  • Every location is different. Geographic location and climate are the major factors.
  • Average extended life for hard face signs is approximately 6-7 years.
  • Average extended life for soft (flex) face signs is 5 years.
  • Average extended life for playground equipment is 5 years.

Can Global Sign Restoration refinish the signs or playlands again?
Yes, as long as the refinished item is structurally intact. (see Case History: Customer #1)

Most common forms of surface damage:

Sun Damage - surfaces dry rot (oxidize) over time from exposure to the elements. Indications are loss of shine, dry flaking, or peeling. Channel letters tend to bleach out from this.

Pollution Damage - surfaces dull from exposure to exhaust emissions and moisture. Indications are an overall gray appearance accompanied by black vertical streaks.

Chemical Damage - caused by the use of a strong cleaning agent, usually caustic or solvent based. These cleaners can eat away and dissolve the exterior finish. Indications are dull yellow stripes across the sign face.

Mildew Damage - caused by the accumulation of mildew build up on a sign face. Over time the mildew actually pits and eats into the plastic or vinyl ruining the finish. Indications are loss of shine and a gritty black appearance.

Sprinkler Damage - on signs at ground level, shows either white calcium scale left from hard water or a brownish orange color from iron in well water. Best defense is to re-aim sprinklers or use sprinkler shields.