Global Sign Restoration

Why Restoration?

Remember when your business looked Brand New?
GSR puts the New Look back in your Brand!

recycleCost-effective sustainability! When a business consists of hundreds or thousands of locations nationwide, restoration is not just smart business, it is "Green" business. Simply put, restoration makes the most of what you have. As long as your signs, playlands or awnings are structurally intact, Global Sign Restoration can refinish them to "like new" condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

The services of Global Sign Restoration were Green long before it was the important business initiative it is today. In fact, our services are one of the few to show an immediate impact to your bottom line. Since 1993 Global Sign Restoration, Inc. has saved companies millions in replacement dollars. Savings average as much as 80% vs. bottom line replacement.

Global Sign Restoration (GSR) meets the needs of high profile businesses across the country where maintaining a fresh look to the public eye is essential. More specifically:

  • Petroleum Industry / Convenience Stores (All technicians API Certified)
  • Grocery Chains
  • Shopping Centers
  • Banking Institutions
  • Big Box Chains

Other benefits include:

  • No new sign permits
  • No surveys
  • No new zoning ordinances resulting in smaller signs.
  • All work performed at the sign face without the need to disassemble sign.
  • No store down time, we work around you with no business disruption.
  • Locations completed in one day.
  • Extended service life average 4 years.
  • Refinishing services can be done again as long as it is still structurally intact.
  • If there is no noticeable difference after refinishing you don't pay, you have nothing to lose!